Quick Impressions: YouTube Redesign

Google seems to be the top story on many different topics in the Internet world right now. They recently launched Google+, which, if you’ve read any of my other posts this week, has been the only thing I’ve really wanted to talk about. Google is also in the midst of redesigning other products and services, giving them a fresh look very consistent to the new Google+ look. Gmail and YouTube both are the current targets in this redesign, and it definitely has some pros and cons to it.

YouTube is beta testing an all new look…and it’s just okay, for now.

In the above image, you see that addicting-to-watch, lovable dog being teased about food. But thats not the main focus here. The video-interface has changed drastically, with it’s new black background and adjustable screen size. What is absolutely terrible, however, is the placement of the ad in that interface. I would have much rather seen the video centered on the screen, and have the ad outside of the black box. Its very distracting to look at. Playback controls are similar, and the only thing missing seems to be the ability to skip frames and playback frames. The video interface, in general, is just okay to me.

The Comments and Suggested Videos Section is a lot better to look at.

The redesigned Comments and Suggested Videos section is something I could get used to, on the other hand. It seems a whole lot more organized. Your suggested videos show up on large icons with a still from the video, which looks a whole lot cleaner and more sophisticated. The comments are more spaced out, giving them a neater look as well. Overall, this section of the redesign is quite welcomed.


I think Google needs to do a little more work to perfect this. While I do like the overall look that Google is trying to go for, I really can’t stand how the video interface looks. They really should consider ditching the ads or having a banner at the top or bottom of the page. My biggest gripe is how large and out of place the advertisements look. After that, center the video on the page, and this will look so much better. But as of now, this “Cosmic Panda,” as the project is called, isn’t ready for launch.

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