Introducing the Digital Lust Media Review System

Greetings, users of the internets!

I’m very excited about what will be happening tonight here on Digital Lust. For the past two weeks since the blog launched, I’ve been bringing you some insanely great features to get the blog on it’s non-existent feet. I’ve enjoyed great success, great viewership, and even successfully had my first web giveaway to great results. It’s surreal, relaunching a blog seven years after it initial launch and having it be more popular now than it was then. And now, I’m ready to take the relaunch of Digital Lust to the next level. Beginning tonight, I will begin covering media reviews. I the next few weeks, I’ll be adding content to the blog to help establish a catalog of reviews in movies, music, and gaming. I’m very excited about what’s to come, especially with tonight’s exclusive review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Before that review is posted on the blog tonight, I would like to intoduce the all-new media review system that will be put into place. The new system is based on a 5 star system, similar to what is seen on various other media outlets. Here is a quick breakdown of what each star signifies:

5 Stars: This signifies absolute perfection. In order to receive a 5 star rating on Digital Lust, there must be no flaws, with absolutely no negative comments regarding the object being reviewed. This will be the rarest award ever given to any topic reviewed on DL. Media reviewed that receive 5 stars will also receive the Digital Lust Platinum Award.

4 Stars: When something receives 4 stars on Digital Lust, it is a great piece of work that has little flaws. It must have kept my attention and interest for at least most of it’s length. Things receiving 4.5 stars will receive the Digital Lust Gold Award, while things that receive 4 stars will receive the Digital Lust Silver Award.

3 Stars: Average at best. There are some flaws with the product. To receive 3 stars, the product must still have more positive attributes than negative. The product is still recommended by me, but does not receive an award.

2 Stars: The product has several flaws that outweigh the positive attributes about it. Products that receive two stars are not recommended by Digital Lust.

1 Star: The product was not able to keep my interest at all. There are few, if any, positive attributes about the product being reviewed, and is absolutely not recommended. Read the review and move on. Don’t ever think about the product again.

It is possible for objects to receive 0.5 or 0 stars, as well. Soon, new pages will be established that will act as a Hall of Fame for products that receive Gold, Silver, and Platinum awards. And now, I’m going to go finish up my Deathly Hallows review! Be sure to check back at midnight tonight for the exclusive review!

About digilust
I'm 23 years old, hailing from the great city of Orlando, FL. I previously ran the popular variety blog "That One Blog," but became too busy to be able to continue pursuing it. I'm now back and ready to stream awesome new content with my new blog!

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