App Attack: Fruit Ninja HD (iPad)

Tonight we’re going to take a look at Fruit Ninja, the insanely addicting iDevice game that has been taking the world by storm. The game is fun, addicting to learn, and provides players with hours of entertainment–simply said, this is a must have.

The concept of Fruit Ninja is simple–slash a bunch of fruit, try not to slash the bombs, and earn the highest score possible. It’s really easy to learn, and incredibly catchy once you know what you’re doing. You’re equipped with a blade (you can unlock additional ones, which add to the replay factor), and you just swipe across the screen to attack the fruit. Multi-touch really comes into play here, as you can swipe with multiple fingers to unleash different blades. The objective is to hit only the fruit that flys up at the screen. Cutting the bombs will result in penalty, which differs depending on what game mode you’re playing.


There are a few different game modes to keep you entertained. Classic mode gives you three strikes, and by not cutting a fruit, you lose one strike. Cutting a bomb in classic mode will end your game immediately. In Arcade mode, you have 60 seconds to slash as much fruit as possible. There are several different power ups to unlock, such as double points or time freeze. Slashing a bomb in this mode will subtract 10 points from your score. There are also bonus points available at the end of each round, depending on how well you do throughout the game. In Zen Mode, you have 90 seconds to hit as many fruit as you can. There are no bombs in Zen Mode, which makes it slightly easier, perhaps for someone who has not yet played the game. There’s also a fantastic multiplayer mode, as well.


The game also has several achievements to unlock, as well as rewards resulting from your swiping abilities. There are several different backgrounds and new blades to unlock, which should keep players addicted and into the fun. The game also supports Game Center, as well as OpenFeint, which makes it more usable for gamers to share their great scores.

Overall, Fruit Ninja is a fantastic app that will keep people entertained for quite some time. Its on iPad and iPhone for $2.99, but there’s also an awesome new arcade game that can be found in various locations, including Dave and Busters.