Digital Lust was initially started in 2004 as a blog dedicated to gaming and computer news. It later merged into another blog that I had run at the time, That One Blog, and lived on as a weekly feature that highlighted the best in the digital world.

That One Blog closed permanently in 2008 as I went through an extremely hectic part of my college education. I had always wanted to bring some portion of the blog back after I was done with school, and, as Digital Lust was always my most popular feature, it became the basis for the next generation of my blogging career.

About David
David, the webmaster of Digital Lust, has been blogging since 2003, when he launched a Xanga blog dedicated to the world around him. The site was complemented by a web forum, which became popular in his high school environment. In 2004, he decided to launch a new site on Blogger.com, That One Blog, dedicated to film, the internet, life, and news. A second blog, Digital Lust, was established shortly after, as a portal for news about technology. David merged the two blogs together, and it operated until 2008. David lives in Orlando, FL, and is a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida. In his free time, he enjoys theme parks and wakeboarding.

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