The Hot List: July 12, 2011

The Hot List is the newest feature here on Digital Lust, and will highlight 5 things in the media world that are at the top of my mind. Let’s take a look at this week’s list:

5. Batman: Arkham City
Batman is back in an all-new game coming to your favorite gaming console later this year. In this followup to the massively amazing 2009 title Batman: Arkham Asylum, gamers will explore Arkham City, a city known for it’s psychotic residents. As Arkham Asylum was one of my personal favorite games of this generation, it will be no shocker if this one tops or even surpasses it. Arkham City will open it’s gates this fall.

4. Cowboys and Aliens
Universal’s upcoming film Cowboys and Aliens has me excited–two classic genres coming together into an incredibly unusual pic. Starring Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, the new film looks as if it will be one of the more exciting (or disappointing) films of the year. Look for my official review later this month. It releases on July 29th.

3. HTC Evo 3D
Sprint’s new flagship phone was reviewed in one of the first posts here on Digital Lust just a couple weeks ago, and as I am learning more about how much this phone truly differs from the original Evo 4G, the more I really like it. This phone features a stereoscopic 3D display, allowing you to take and view 3D images and video. The phone also comes with a copy of The Green Hornet in 3D, as well as a demo of Spiderman 3D: The Game. The phone is also dual-core, making it the greatest option on The Now Network, whether you care for the 3D capabilities or not.

2. Google+
If you’ve read anything here on Digital Lust in the past week, you would know just how excited I am about Google+. The new social network shows a lot of promise, especially when it comes to sharing and communicating with others. With it’s amazing group chat feature in “Huddle,” as well as spectacular video chatting on Hangouts, and much much more, Google+ is making even Facebook just a little bit scared.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
The final installment of the Harry Potter franchise is FINALLY upon us. The movie will pick up where Part 1 left off, so if you’re about to go see the movie, make sure to either read up or watch Part 1 again to make sure you’re prepared! The Battle of Hogwarts and the answer to pretty much every loose end in the series will finally be answered. It’s interesting, after reading the books and watching the movies over the past year, how this tale transformed from something of a children’s book to a dark tale of life and death and many other themes. This one proves to be the most exciting yet, and if the RottenTomatoes TomatoMeter for the movie is any indication of how good it truly is (currently at 97%), then we are all in for a nice conclusion to this epic film series 10 years in the making. I will be seeing Deathly Hallows tomorrow, and I will have an exclusive review available right at midnight on Friday (as everyone else is seeing it).