YouTube Today: Epic Meal Time

Listen up, haters! On this edition of YouTube Today, we’re gonna get you all excited about one of the hottest YouTube sensations today, Epic Meal Time. It’s a YouTube cooking show with a Jackass twist–these guys always cook up the most ridiculous, calorie-powered meals you could ever think of, usually in extremely large portions.

Epic Meal Time began it’s course last October. A group of friends set out to create the most calorie-inducing, fattening dishes that they could think up. This isn’t cheap cooking that anyone could just do, like some other YouTube cooking shows. The ingredients behind all of this are legit, and well prepared. The show adds plenty of humor, alcohol, and of course, attractive women, to keep it fresh and keep viewers coming back.

Recently, Epic Meal Time became partners with online podcasting hub Revision3, and their newest episodes (which release every Tuesday) are available on YouTube, on, and now, on iTunes as a podcast subscription. It’s rumored that the guys are even going to make it to cable television in the near future, with Comedy Central and Spike TV as the rumored networks of choice.

Warning: Many (all) of the recipes in the videos you’ll see below should really not be attempted by anyone who wishes to live a long life.

Candy BBQ

We’ll start this with something that actually sounds like it could be a lot of fun to make. The guys create a steak made out of cookie dough, candy burgers, and many of your other favorite barbecue meals out of nothing but candy. This is the only episode of the show that does not feature a single bacon strip or piece of real meat. Don’t get used to that though.

Grilled Cheese Tower

In this episode, the guys create a massive tower of deep fried grilled cheese goodness, with the help of musical artist Deadmau5. This thing is covered in bacon strips, cheese sauuuuce, and uses a variety of different cheeses. Grilled cheese has never been this epic.

Maximum Mac & Cheese

Here, the guys take to making extreme mac and cheese dishes made of practically everything that they’ve ever made before. There’s Four Loco Chili Mac and cheese, Mini Meat Log Mac and Cheese, Tequila Taco Mac and Cheese, Meat Lovers Mac and Cheese….and a giant, deep fried Mac and Cheese cake with a giant burger inside of it. It’s mac and cheese that only Epic Meal Time could create, and some of them probably should never be attempted by anyone.

Fast Food Lasagna

Here, the guys go to various fast food establishments (who are starting to recognize who they are by their extremely large fast food orders), and order 15 of their greatest burgers from each place. They even order a giant cup of that Big Mac sauuuuuce. They then create a massive lasagna out of all of it, with layers of Big Macs, Baconators, bacon, cheese, Teen Burgers from A&W, Big Mac sauuuuce, onion rings, more bacon, cheese….it’s a combination that is sure to clog your arteries for a long time to come.

Tequila Taco Night

In the final video we’re going to look at here, the guys take taco night to a whole new level–with plenty of guac…tequila guac, patron saaaaalsa, giant burritos, tacos with bacon shells…only something that Epic Meal Time could create.

There are so many other clips, and I wish I could sit here and post them all. Go to their website, check out their videos, and you’ll become an instant fan. This has become something that I look forward to seeing every Tuesday…and I can say the same for millions of other fans who have become addicted. Check it out. Now.


YouTube Today: 80’s Music Edition!

Oh the 80s…one of the greatest eras in music ever. Looking back today, of course, makes us laugh at how corny some of the music videos that we loved so much really are. In this edition of YouTube Today, we’re going to look at a few songs that have been on our minds lately.

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone

Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer

Journey – Separate Ways

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Be lucky…my original plan was to Rick Roll every single person that reads this post….but could not find a good one that I wanted to use. That may come at some other time though ;). The 80s are definitely a special period for the music industry, and if these five songs are any indication as to how amazing it really was, I will most definitely be posting more here soon.

YouTube Today: PRANKS!!!!!

In this week’s edition of YouTube Today, we’re gonna take a look at some of the funniest pranks we could find. Whether it’s pranking your friends while they’re drunk, or replacing your boss’s car with a full-scale replica made out of nothing but Legos, these pranks highlight the fact that life cannot always be too serious, something that I’ve been preaching for a while. Lets take a look!

Legoland CEO Gets a New Car!!!…Out of Legos

In this first clip, the CEO of Legoland in California left work one day to see that his staff has replaced his car with a full scale recreation made out of nothing but Legos. Even as the CEO, you really can’t help but laugh at the effort that was put into this prank, without those responsible even getting caught in the process.

Greatest Drunk Prank Ever? Or Baaaad Idea?

A note to all of my readers….DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, AT A FRIENDS HOUSE, OR REALLY, ANYWHERE. In this clip, a group of guys takes advantage of their friend’s incredible level of blacked-out drunkenness to pull a prank that sends him floating through a pond and into a fountain. Its truly amazing that the guy didn’t even wake up when he was put in the water. How much did he drink??

I Don’t Remember This Wall Being Here…

This office prank pretty much tops the list of office pranks–the construction of a new wall overnight confuses employees of a business–including the CEO. There’s a lot of turned heads and “wtf” moments, but the truly hilarious part comes at the very end.

How to Create a Soda Bomb!

Everyone has seen the whole Diet Coke and Mentos gag. But when it’s turned into a prank, and the reciever isn’t expecting it, it makes it so much better. The explosion in this one makes me want to pull this prank right now.

The Exploding Birthday Cake

This last one tops my list of the prank I want to pull the most on somebody. The bakery good explosion that occurs in this video is executed in such a way that it should be a surprise that nobody got hurt. The cleanup process is the one thing that would potentially make this prank a bad one, but watching it is absolutely hilarious.