Announcing Digital Lust Media and Android Legacy!

Greetings, internet users!

Today, I have a very special announcement to make.  As some of my Twitter followers may have noticed, there has been a long silence from me.  Fear not, Digital Lust has not ended, nor is it going anywhere!  Before my disappearance, I had an entire week of Android coverage, to some pretty awesome results.  This “test” was to see how various types of coverage would handle on their own, and Android week did so well, that I have decided to branch out the content you see on Digital Lust.

I am announcing today a brand new format for Digital Lust, that will be established in phases, called Digital Lust Media.  Under the new format, Digital Lust Media will comprise of several different blogs under one umbrella.  The first of the new blogs, Android Legacy, will be going live tomorrow.  Android Legacy will be the one-stop source to everything Android.  We’ll have gadget reviews, app reviews, how-to’s (video included with our new YouTube channel, coming soon!), and much, much more.  Android Legacy will launch tomorrow.

In October, a new iPad-themed blog will also go live, and later down the road, an Internet-themed blog will also launch.  The main Digital Lust homepage will become a hub for all of the new blogs.  Stick to Digital Lust Media for more details about what is to come!


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Greetings, internets!

In my opinion, the opening weekend of Digital Lust was great–it wasn’t a blog that nobody looked at, and it couldn’t have been greater. I’m taking today off for the 4th of July (which I’ll unfortunately be at work for), and I will be back tomorrow with more digital awesomeness.

In the meantime, be sure to follow @DigiLust on Twitter! I’m hoping to have the first online giveaway (Google+ invites, if I can ever get into the thing myself) going in the next few days, and Twitter involvement will definitely be a part of it.

Have a very happy 4th of July, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for more fun!

Welcome to Digital Lust!

Welcome to Digital Lust! This is a blog that focuses on many aspects of the digital world as we know it today–movies, music, gadgets, and gaming, to name a few. Our world is quickly evolving into something spectacular, and I’m here to give you the latest and greatest.

A little bit about the history of Digital Lust (yes, it actually does have a history prior to being hosted here on WordPress). This was a blog project that I began on back in the summer of 2004 (actually, to be more specific, it launched 7 years ago today). The blog covered essentially what it will today. I later merged it into another blog that I had owned at the time called That One Blog. From 2005 to 2008 when I shut down That One Blog, Digital Lust lived on in a regular weekly feature that earned the highest traffic ratings of any other postings on the site.

And then…life intervened. At the time that I shut down the blog, I was in the middle of going through college, and it became extremely difficult to manage a blog and write papers for school at the same time. I closed the blog, with pure intentions of relaunching some form of it when I finished school.

Fast forward to today, and I’m ready to do just that. Since Digital Lust was my highest rated feature, I decided to yet again expand on that concept and make it its own blog. The only difference in the concept between old-school Digital Lust and new-school Digital Lust is how quickly our technological world has evolved in just a matter of 3 short years! The majority of the content that you will find here on the all-new Digital Lust will come from the mobile world. I will be doing a majority of the blogging on this site from my trusty iPad, or, if it is something geared towards the Android fan base, I’ll be blogging that from my amazing HTC Evo 3D (which will get a full review in an upcoming post). Expect reviews of the hottest apps and software, movie reviews, game reviews, YouTube hits, and a whole lot more. My ambition for the all-new Digital Lust is quite spectacular, and I can’t wait to get feedback and make this site as successful as my last.

For now, I’m going to work on building the site up. For now, be sure to follow me on Twitter @DigiLust. I may even have a couple of posts up today. I’m definitely looking forward to your feedback, so if you have any suggestions for how to make the blog better, you can even shoot me an email at

See you soon!