Digital Lust Daily Feed: July 5, 2011

Wow, what a day. As you might have known from reading my bio (if you read it), I live in Orlando, FL, and the Casey Anthony trial came to a conclusion today to some shocking results. This led to me getting into some interesting debates revolving the verdict (but since this is not a blog about the law, we won’t discuss that here!). Needless to say–I’m really not too surprised about that outcome.

It was also a big day because of Google+. I finally got in, and I absolutely love it! I’ll be posting my official rundown and impressions of the site tomorrow, so be sure to stick around for that. I also announced my Google+ Invite Giveaway, and I have a few winners to announce! Look for that right after I go over today’s top news:

iPad Web Traffic hits 1%
It was announced today that iPad users are using their iPads so much that it is accounting for 1% of the total web traffic in the world. Interesting fact, seeing as how I have this stance that the tablet market is exploding. The number has grown significantly since the launch of the platform, and is only expected to get higher. It was also announced that iPad web traffic accounts for 2% of all web traffic in the United States.

HTC Sales Waaay Up…HTC Stocks Waaay Down
HTC has announced that their total amount of sales is up 88% over the past year. Of course, devices like the Evo 4G, the Droid Incredible, the HTC Thunderbolt, and the new Evo 3D are amazing devices that have held up well on the market, and the increase only further proves that point. The bad news regarding this however, is the optimism that investors have about the company. Stock prices for HTC have slid 19% in the past month–definitely not a good sign for the company.

Playstation Network FINALLY Concluding Restoration
The Playstation Network is finally returning to the Land of the Rising Sun. Sony has announced that the restoration of the Playstation Network will finally conclude in Japan, after a group of hackers took the service down back in April of this year. Sony has also concluded its Welcome Back program in the United States today, after extending it 2 additional days to help those who were having issues downloading their free content.

Google+ App Coming to iOS?
Maybe this isn’t so much a question as it is a question as to when Google will release their new app for Google+, the new, limited-beta social networking service from the Internet empire. The Google+ app has reportedly been submitted to Apple for submission, hopefully to see release soon. The Android app for Google+ is absolutely stunning, and hopefully the iOS edition will be equally as stunning.

Myspace to Become Social Talent Show?
Last week, Myspace was purchased by Specific Media for a total of $35 million. Actor/Singer Justin Timberlake has apparently obtained some ownership of the site, which lost its dominance as the leading social network to Facebook. Sources indicate that Myspace will be completely revamped as a “talent show” experience, in an attempt to revitalize the site to a new level of popularity.

Hotmail Turns 15 Years Old!
Wow, time flies! Microsoft’s “Hotmail” service has provided quality email service for 15 years today. The service has been immensely widespread over its 15 year course, and continues to grow today through Microsoft’s revamped “Live” service. Congratulations, Microsoft!

Picasa, Blogger to Get Re-branded?
Sources indicate that Google is preparing to completely rebrand and relaunch two of their popular services, to make them fit into the company’s portfolio more effectively. Picasa, the popular photo sharing service, is rumored to become simply “Google Photos,” while Blogger could become something as simple as “Google Blogs.”. With Blogger being the original home of Digital Lust, I don’t really know as to whether or not changing that particular service is a great idea–it’s popular the way it is, and who knows what could happen if it changes.

Google+ Giveaway: Day 1 Winners!!!
Today was the first day of Digital Lust’s first online giveaway, the Google+ Invite Giveaway! The response wasn’t anywhere near the fifteen invites I wanted to give away tonight, so be sure to submit your 50 word comment to any post on our site (and please include your Gmail address!). Tonight’s winners will have their invites sent shortly after this post is published, and hopefully they will have joined the fun soon! Enough rambling! Tonight’s winners are:

-Ron Schoenstein
-James Mozingo

Congratulations to tonight’s winners, and hopefully I will be able to give more out tomorrow!!!

That about wraps it up for tonight’s edition of The Daily Feed! Tomorrow on Digital Lust, I’ll be continuing my weeklong coverage of Google+ with a rundown of the main site and how it works. I also will be posting the first edition of YouTube Today, a mini-aggregator of a few YouTube videos that catch my attention. And finally, the Google+ Invite Giveaway will continue tomorrow. It’s gonna be a great morning, so be sure to come back and see what’s going on!